Sales tax Exempt Forms

We are happy to accept your sales tax exemption per your state and local regulations. FFLs and other businesses can purchase from us for resale purposes without paying sales tax. Some states have exemptions available for agricultural use, purchases shipping to Indian reservations, or others.

Please know your state and local sales tax exemptions before ordering from us. Please find the appropriate form for your state at the link below and send us a copy of the completed form BEFORE placing your order. Sending an incomplete form risks delaying the shipment of your order.

Sales tax does not apply to purchase of a gift certificate. However, it does apply when a gift certificate is redeemed on a purchase.

Tax Files Name Download PDF
Alabama Sales Tax Exemption Form
Arizona Resale Certificate
Arkansas Sales Tax Exemption Form
ATR Tax Exempt
California Resale Certificate
Colorado Tax Exemption Form
Connecticut Resale Certificate
Georgia - Certificate of Exemption
Hawaii Resale Certificate
Idaho Tax Exemption
Illinois Certificate of Resale
Indiana Sales Tax Exemption Form
Iowa Sales Tax Exemption Form
Kansas Resale Exemption Certificate
Kentucky Sales Tax Exemption Form
Louisiana Resale Certificate
Maryland Resale Certificate
Massachusetts Resale Certificate
Michigan Sales and Use Tax Exemption
Minnesota - Certificate of Exemption
Missouri Tax Exemption Certificate
Montana Resale Certificate
Nebraska Resale Certificate
Nevada Resale Certificate
New Jersey Resale Certificate
New York Tax Exemption Form
North Carolina Sales Tax Exemption Form
North Dakota Certificate of Resale
Ohio Sales Tax Exemption Form
Oklahoma Sales Tax Exempt Form
Oregon Resale Certificate
Pennsylvania Exemption Certificate
South Carolina Resale Certificate
Tennessee Tax Exemption Certificate
Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption
Utah Sales Tax Exemption Form
Vermont Sales and Use Tax Exemption
Virginia Certificate of Exemption
Washington Sales Tax Exemption Form
West Virginia Certificate of Exemption
Wisconsin Exemption Certificate
Wyoming Sales Tax Exemption Form
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