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Price Policy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Price Policy

A: Our 110% price guarantee is an after purchase policy. If your offer was rejected, you are getting a good price elsewhere that we are not able to match or beat, and we recommend purchasing elsewhere.
A: No. If you purchase a qualifying item from us and get a qualifying price elsewhere, we have a few options. At best, we can offer you a refund of 110% of the difference between prices. That is, if you paid $2100 and you are getting $2000 elsewhere, we can offer a refund of $110. Next best situation would be matching the price and getting you a refund of the difference between prices. In the above scenario, we would offer a $100 refund. In a worst case scenario, where we could not match or beat the price, we can offer a $25 store credit. Please contact us as each price match is handled on a case by case basis.
A: No, our policy only includes in-stock pricing available from an authorized dealer.
A: In most cases we cannot match closeout prices. Manufacturers often discontinue items and sell at a reduced price to dealers. In these cases, often the closeout retail pricing of the item is less than normal dealer cost of the item. cannot sell below our cost for any given item, and we must retain some additional margin to at least break even with shipping costs, merchant processing fees, and our other operating expenses. At any given time, it is likely that Scopelist is offering some products at closeout pricing below what other vendors can match or beat.
A: No, in most cases cannot match or beat these prices. Subscription sites help pay for their operating costs with your subscription, and as such can offer lower prices in some cases. A manufacturer’s cost for any given item is less than our cost. This follows because they are selling us the item to make a profit and we are in turn selling at a higher price than what we bought it for to make a profit. As such, manufacturers can offer a lower price than we can, but that often comes with stipulations such as longer wait times, limitation on order quantities or number of orders placed, or other rules. With these stipulations and pricing differences in mind, many customers still choose to order from us at a higher price.
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